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Why Renovate to Net Zero?

Make an immediate, positive impact on your planet, your wallet, and your overall health.

Environmental Impact

With a complete Net Zero energy home renovation where energy is generated naturally, you can feel good knowing that your home is free from the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions that are typically associated with electricity production.

Energy Savings

With a zero energy home you can forget about fluctuating energy costs. You will notice the difference on your monthly bills immediately as the costs of an energy efficient home is significantly lower than that of a standard home.

Consistent Temperatures

With well insulated walls & triple-pane windows, your home is built to be air-tight, resulting in quiet, comfortable living conditions.

Clean Indoor Air

Net Zero homes are built air-tight, with fresh air provided through energy efficient mechanical systems free of outside pollutants and allergens.



  • $5000 Renovations Grant
  • $600 EnerGuide Evaluations
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Save on your Net Zero Renovation with the Canada Green Homes Initiative

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is a Government of Canada initiative that helps homeowners make energy efficient retrofits to their homes, provides expert advice to home owners and provide EnerGuide career opportunities across Canada. You could be eligible for up to $5600.00 towards your net zero home renovation.

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